Join Arty the art loving cat on a visit to the farm.  Learn all about the farm as well as the names of all the animals and baby animals.  Find out what Arty makes for his art project during the visit and weather the farmer likes it in his farmyard! The book is written in English and French.  You read the story in your native language to get to know it.  Then you flip the book over and its the same story in your target language.  It's like having 2 books in one back to back!  Beautifuly illustrated by Agatha O'Neil.  ISBN:  XXXXXXXXXXXXX   Bilingual French-English Les Puces 'Flip It' Book.

Arty on the farm - Bilingual Book

  • 21cm x 21cm.  Soft, full gloss cover. Perfect bound.  Full colouR.  74 pages (37 pages in each language).  Authour Mandie Davis, Illustrator Agatha O"Neil. For ages 3-11 years  Produced by Les Puces.  ISBN: XXXXXXXXXXXX

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